Use This Fun Activity to Recharge Your Energy Using Your Body’s Own Electricity!

Recharge your energy naturally!

An event like the coronavirus pandemic can leave our energy levels feeling drained or disconnected. But don’t worry, what you’re experiencing is 100% normal, and we can leverage the laws of electricity to recharge our “batteries” and feel better. Quantum science proves that everything about us is energy-based. Energy is the source of all living things, including people, animals, and plants. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost, is self-healing, and serves as the ultimate “renewable resource” to amp up our mental, physical and spiritual power.

I worked professionally with the energy sector for 15 years and also have several human biofield energy healing certifications. This background allows me to observe emotional states from an electrical perspective. Due to the shock of rapid, unexpected changes from COVID-19, we may feel drained or disconnected. This occurs because our positive energy (high vibration) is being consumed to fill the “gap” created from the increased negative energy (low vibration) around us.

This energetic draw can be visualized by the circuits in the following diagram. The lightbulb on the left is not receiving electricity from its source of power because the circuit is not connected. Like the lightbulb, we are feeling “burned out” because the unexpected, negative disruption has caused our bodies to short circuit.

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Our healthy energetic state is like the closed circuit.

In our natural, balanced, energetic state, we are more like the circuit on the right. Our internal power source pushes positive energy currents throughout our bodies via meridians like the brightly lit bulb. We can actually use our own hands to reconnect our body’s electrical circuits, returning our energy levels to a healthy flow, igniting our power and restoring our brilliance once again.

We can recharge our power anytime, anywhere, and at any age—this activity will help anyone link his or her own electrical circuits, with connection points called “chakras”. Chakras are natural energy vortexes that act as electrical power points in our bodies. The chakra connections in our human circuitry are similar to the lightbulb in the image above. By creating a complete “electrical circuit” with your hands, the chakras will fill with energy and help you “light up” again.

Activity: Recharge Your Energy Using Your Body’s Own Electricity!

  1. Sit comfortably with legs slightly separated. You don’t have to assume a complicated yoga pose, just sitting in a chair will work fine.
  2. Place your left palm a few inches away from the area directly between your legs (Root Chakra) and your right palm against your lower abdomen (Sacral Chakra), a few inches below your belly button. See the diagram below for locations.

Sit quietly and breathe slowly so you can pay attention to any tingling feelings in your palms. Imagine the left palm drawing out power and connecting the circuit with your right palm. You have now connected and energized your two lower chakras! Hold this position for a few minutes or until you don’t feel any tingly sensations in your palms.

  • Move your left palm up to a few inches above your belly button on top of the Solar Plexus Chakra, while keeping the right one in place on the Sacral Chakra. Again, you have connected and energized another chakra, congratulations! Hold this position for a few minutes or until you don’t feel any sensations in your palms.
  • Continue moving the lower palm up to the next chakra, as shown in the diagram below. After you are finished connecting the Third Eye Chakra (forehead) and Crown Chakra (top of head), the final connection is between the top of head and up into the sky. Imagine you are connecting that last hand, and your electrical circuit, into the ultimate Source of power and light in the universe.
The 7 Primary Chakras

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There are 72,000 chakras in the human body, but we are only using the 7 primary ones in our activity. Chakras are interrelated with Chinese meridian lines and the body’s subtle vibrations and forces. Each of the primary chakras corresponds to different functions or emotions, so when they are disconnected or drained, we tend to feel off-balance, drained, or disconnected. Our activity is based on a simplified version of a healing technique called “Chakra Connection and Energizing” by Dr. Brugh Joy, a successful medical internist who became an expert in ancient biofield practices.

Remember, it’s natural to feel drained, distracted or disconnected amidst the chaos of a pandemic. Don’t feed the negative energy. Instead, recharge yourself by giving the simplified chakra connection activity a try. Positivity brings light. And, if nothing else, it will give you something interesting to do for a while. Remember, we are all made of the same energy and are all ultimately connected. You are not alone.

(To learn more about the laws of physics that explain the energetic drain phenomenon and get tips to recognize, redirect, and recharge, check out my blog here.)

About the Author: Formerly CEO of Cole Scott Group and Military Assistance Company, and SVP of Innovation & Sustainability at global companies Balfour Beatty Investments and Lend Lease Americas. She helped develop net zero energy communities (producing as much energy as they consume) and the world’s largest solar community. Scott is also a credentialed Certified Energy Manager (Assn of Energy Engineers), Blockchain Certified (MIT), and has numerous certifications in human biofield practices (ranging from modern techniques to ancient methods of the Far East and Native American Hopi Tribe).  Scott is an international advisor and speaker on energy, change management, and innovation, with several published works.