The Coronavirus pandemic has the entire world off-balance. Beyond its obvious physical implications, an incurable virus spreading at an alarming rate, a second wave of panic lies unseen beneath the surface. There is a reason why we’re feeling out of sorts, anxious, and drained, and it starts with acknowledging the ongoing attack on our personal energy. While quantum science has proven we simply are energy, few stop to consider the very real need to protect our energetic as well as physical selves.

Physical attacks and energetic attacks are both destructive. But while a physical attack may be easily observed, an energetic attack deals with complex emotional and intuitive perceptions, so it may be felt but not initially seen. Over time, allowing too much energetic dissonance (pressure) creates burnout, anxiety, illness, or a number of other physical manifestations.

Increased negative forces created by the Coronavirus impact our energy in a number of ways. Do you feel anxious after reading about Coronavirus? Does the worry of those around you amplify your own stress? Those are natural reactions to negative energy (lower vibrations). What you’re feeling is the release of your positive energy (higher vibration) to “fill the gap” energetically. Physics explains this phenomenon in the Second Law of Thermodynamics: As pressure is applied to a system, it becomes more disorderly and releases energy, becoming colder.

Let’s use water as a way to visualize feeling “frozen in fear” energetically by the Coronavirus. Assume our normal operating state is as water, then suddenly we are surrounded on all sides by much colder conditions. If we don’t protect ourselves, we’ll literally stop moving, turning into ice. While we know from Einstein that, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another,” the negative pressures from the pandemic have created a massive force that is literally changing the form of our positive state.

Consider another aspect of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a disordered system cannot get back into its original state, but the molecules released during change may form into something more orderly with newly found energy. I live in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. We have endured both devastating tornados and the deadly Coronavirus all at once. While none of us can go back to feeling exactly as we did before the events, we can choose to do something productive with the energy created from the fallout.

We all have the power to protect and recharge ourselves. My hope is that these 3 tips will help you and your loved ones regain balance and stay strong during these difficult times.  

  • Protect your own positive energy with an invisible shield.

Imagine an invisible shield surrounding yourself. The chaos, anxiety and pressures from energetic threats charge forward and slip around you on all sides. You remain protected from harm. While being aware the virus exists as a threat, imagining an invisible shield to protect from the draining vibe around us can literally help prevent loss of your positive energy, worry, and stress.

  • Redirect your energy with something that feels better.

Ever witness a boxing match when one opponent is swinging wildly at the other, but he keeps moving out of the way and avoiding the punches? We can do the same energetically. This doesn’t mean we leave the ring of the battle; it doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the very real risks, but it does mean we have avoided some painful blows by ducking out of harm’s way. Do this by distracting your energy away from negative blows with games, watching favorite shows, exercise, painting, writing, playing music, or any activity that makes you feel good. The better you feel, the higher your vibration.

  • Recharge.

With so much negative energy abounding, it’s critical that we recharge ourselves. The three techniques below can help you feel revived and protected, they were first published in articles I wrote for Training magazine and Beckers Hospital Review years ago.

  1. Choose something in your life for which to be grateful and focus on that feeling. Our brains are naturally wired to remember the negative occurrences because from an evolutionary standpoint, it helps us reduce risk and protect ourselves (like remembering the sound of a rattlesnake). When the mind is completely occupied in gratitude, however, it cannot simultaneously feel burnout. This conscious shift to gratitude helps “rewire” our outlook and recharge personal energy.
  2. Believe that you can affect your life in a positive way. Research shows our positive beliefs alone can recreate the effects of drugs, reduce pain, improve relationships, and boost overall well-being. Quantum cognition also reinforces the fact that our personal observations and behaviors shape the world around us. In short, focus your energy in the belief that you are making a difference, healing your community, and accomplishing positive things. 
  3. Take time for bio-field balancing, prayer, or other spiritual practices. They are proven to significantly improve physical and mental well-being. Each of these practices is rooted in the simple, abundant, and endless supply of universal energy. The source of this “Light” is referenced in many religions and traditions dating back to the origins of mankind. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—we just have to be still long enough to tap into it. 

It’s natural to feel off-balance with the Coronavirus fear all around us, but don’t forget about the unseen impact it is having on your energy and well-being. Remember to protect yourself, redirect your energy, and recharge. And, P.S., you’re not alone because we are all energetically connected and I’m sending you an abundance of love.