Tabitha's way of helping people identify the “Should Monster” and “Inner Owl” simplifies complex energetic forces so anyone can understand them.Regardless of age, background, or education—virtually all can benefit from what she has to share.”

— S. Clayton, Licensed Therapist & Teacher



Just as physical misalignment leads to limitations and lack of movement; so too does energetic misalignment or mismanagement. Learn to actively manage your energy to discover your purpose, transform relationships, and take the risks that will propel you forward personally and professionally.

  • Discover your personal purpose.  85% of people are unhappy at work. Employees yearn to experience greater purpose but often struggle to find it. Intuition is simply a form of energy we can access for direction.  This talk explores how to use one’s intuition to find purpose, and thereby, passion at work. When one’s focus is poured into something they believe in, wellness, connection and success follow.  
  • Transform relationships at work and at home.  Because humans are made of energy, the laws of physics and motion govern our daily interactions. Whether it is leading, innovating, influencing, or reconciling differences, there is always an exchange or transference of energy in every interaction.  This talk creatively illuminates how to apply the laws of physics to everyday life to optimize every interaction and yield consistently positive results for all. 
  • Take the risk.   Change is never easy. You may fear failure, looking stupid, or asking for what you want. Yet taking risks is requisite s to achieve success. Learn how to navigate risk and take worthy chances by nurturing and consulting your intuition.  

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Techniques to Manage Energy, Boost Wellness and Reconnect to Purpose    

In a noisy world, it’s easy to lose sight of our personal power and intuition. This workshop enables participants to:  

  • Identify and shed harmful pressures that make them feel stressed, disconnected, or burned out.  
  • Attune their intuition to identify the specific activities that most resonate to recharge themselves for greater overall productivity and positivity.  
  • Protect their energy (be it in the form of time, emotions, productivity etc.) to balance and redirect energetic attacks with proven proprietary techniques.

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