Trent Strobel

Trent is one of only 40 U.S. executives qualified to assess individuals and organizations using Human Insight’s AEM-Cube model. He is considered one of the nation’s top resources for generating and identifying leadership patterns, risks, and opportunities to assist and inform Customer Experience, Communications, and Strategy. Trent also developed the energy reduction strategy template for utilities and others aiming to reduce use of resources using dozens of scientific studies, behavior change methods, and years of proven experience.

Trent has developed several startup markets within established companies, including most recently STR data analytics and Cole Civil Engineering. Whether it’s identifying a new market vertical or leveraging his pilot’s license to accelerate the site surveying process with unmanned aerial systems, he has a pulse on integrating the future into today’s business Trent is also founder of, a drone company providing services to the construction and residential sectors. He has a Bachelor of Science from Bellarmine University in Louisville and currently resides in Wilmington, NC