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Tabitha is an award-winning author and speaker who helps inspire action, ignite change, and provide connection, direction, and power. With over 20 years of experience leading corporate innovation and sustainability, she was named by Industry Era as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022, is a thought leader on the 2023 Forbes Business Council, and her work was honored at the White House as part of its Energy Data Initiative. 

Tabitha’s talks focus on the transformational power of human dynamics to create sustainable business growth and success. Also a bestselling author, she currently serves as Partner at Epic Pivot, advising on engagement, innovation, and cutting-edge leadership practices. Tabitha is known for her thought leading expertise in leveraging the principles of modern and ancient energy bioscience to bring balance and success to businesses. She'll help your audience tap into their personal power and your company achieve next-level success.

What people are saying about Tabitha...

Tabitha was such a pleasure to work with, and truly felt like a part of our team! We got a lot of great feedback after her keynote. I highly recommend Tabitha to any organization looking for a different way of thinking, leading, changing, and growing!”

— N. Maratto, Sr. Director Organizational Development, White Castle

Tabitha's knowledgeable, fun keynote had leaders on their feet and engaged in high impact activities. She provided a unique perspective of innovation and agility during times of rapid change. Everything was tied to business growth and getting things done. I recommend Tabitha's work for leaders looking for progressive solutions to innovation.”

— Nicolas Lopez, Partner Bain & Company, Madrid

Tabitha’s keynote offered insights into human potential I haven’t encountered anywhere else. If you long to replenish your soul and emerge feeling more connected and inspired, you’ll find respite, motivation, and insights in her powerful message. ”

— Micheleigh Perez, Au.D., CCXP Doctor of Audiology, Patient Experience Leader

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