If your company seeks traditional consulting, then keep looking.  Cole Scott Group’s philosophy is based on the evidence that society’s instant accessibility and interconnectivity render conventional approaches much reduced in value.  Even the grandest of strategies, missions, value statements, and linear project plans are no longer valid in a future that is now largely not-predictable.  Pre-packaged “toolkit” solutions and recycled consulting content lack the spontaneity and responsiveness required to guide smart actions based upon what “IS” rather than upon what “should be”.

Traditional consultants will help leaders “think out of the box” or leverage “industry best practices”.  Cole Scott Group’s next generation thinking begins at the point one realizes the “box” is merely a construct of an invented paradigm—frankly, its boundaries do not exist!  Next generation thinking leverages “industry best practices” coming not from fear or envy but from a commitment to learn and build/execute exactly, and only, what’s needed in service of one’s own business ambition.

Cole Scott Group draws from a pool of deep international expertise, including work with both public and private sector and organizations in the Fortune 500 / FTSE 350.