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Learn 3 new types of diversity that make teams stronger, faster, and more engaged. Beyond traditional, demographics-based differences, modern companies can leverage cognitive diversity to boost innovation and productivity with every project. What's more, learn how cognitive technologies are joining the workforce and what that means for greater success!

Beating Burnout: 3 Ways to Engage, Recharge, and Step Into Your Power

Burnout was classified as a Syndrome by the World Health Organization in 2019--before the pandemic made it even worse. Avoid quiet quitting and put positivity into your workplace. Learn how to uncover what energizes you most while discovering your purpose, transforming relationships, and taking the risks that will propel you forward personally and professionally.

Stop Chasing Change and Ride the Growth Curve Instead

The pace of change today is accelerating faster than our brains can adapt. Plus with 24/7 news cycles, emails, ads, social media, and other distractions, how can you keep the pace? Learn how the Growth Curve provides an over-arching guide for all business--making it simpler to focus on the phase at hand. As published in Forbes, if you want to move faster with less effort, this talk is for your audience!

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