In a year of uncertainty, when people are yearning for purpose in their work, opportunity in their community, and authenticity in the voices they hear, along comes Tabitha Scott to help light the way. Tabitha’s journey can prepare us for our own journey. She came back from the jungles of Costa Rica an even stronger leader, one who is ready to offer the insights and experiences that can help us all focus on becoming better leaders and influences in our businesses, our communities, and our families. ”

— Randall Powell, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Kansas City

The rapid innovation exercise was eye opening as it allowed participants to experience 'like thinking' vs. working in 'diverse' groups to attack the same business opportunity. Participants were energized by the exercise as it allowed them to come to the conclusion that a well-balanced, diverse group reaches more impactful decisions in a collaborative environment. Participants highly enjoyed the insights. I would recommend it as it was fast moving and insightful.”

— Nick B, Senior Director, Fortune 200 Company, Boston



Ignite your innovation culture, increase engagement, and boost success through critical leadership shifts. Learn how to use the Growth Curve to shape and align powerful teams, while identifying the optimal contribution of each team member that aligns most with their passion. 

  • Reinvent your innovation culture. The pace of change is accelerating! Keeping up requires more than technology alone—smart companies purposefully transform by tapping into the power of their people.  Learn the keys to increase agility by not only valuing, but also incorporating each team member’s contribution so that diversity drives the Growth Curve.    
  • Clarify purpose to connect.  85% of people are unhappy at work. Discover the causes so to adapt and optimize for your employees’ satisfaction and engagement.  An award-winning expert on avoiding burnout, Tabitha shares how cultivating one’s intuition rejuvenates the mind, nurtures passion, and thereby amplifies purpose at work for employees at all levels. Studies prove being happier and feeling connected at work increases employee retention as well as bolsters corporate agility, productivity, and innovation.  Learn the leadership tactics to inspire your team to invest in their work and thereby catalyze company-wide, sustainable change.   

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  • Strength in Diversity; Innovation from Inclusion: This proprietary workshop quantifiably increases innovation and productivity by illuminating the ways in which diversity drives bold ideas, collaborative spirit, and all-around results.  Learn lessons from Fortune 500 clients who’ve leveraged the AEM-Cube* to see real-time results in ideation and performance across teams.   
  • Change Management Begins with People Management: The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Transformations: The one constant of nature is change, so best to implement it successfully.  Whether it’s cultural transformation, modernization, innovation, or sustainability, understand how organizational change begins with engaging every team member personally.  This workshop breaks down the mechanics of employee engagement so that individuals and teams alike embrace, rather than, resist change.

*The AEM-Cube is a three-dimensional tool that identifies individual, team, and organizational preferences related to the Growth Curve, relationships, and complexity. It is used globally to map ways each person contributes to innovation most powerfully. 

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