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Chapter on modern health by Tabitha

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Trust Your Animal Instincts: Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power

 If you’re struggling to stay positive, you’re not alone.

The pace of change and the nonexistent norm make us feel off-balance, burned out, and disconnected. Despite your best efforts to keep up, the pace accelerates, and the finish line moves further away. Stop running. Trust Your Animal Instincts reveals how to recharge your life and spark positivity through your own limitless source of power.

Trust Your Animal Instincts book was honored with the 2020 Nautilus Award for igniting spiritual growth, conscious living, and positive social change. Former Nautilus winners include esteemed authors contributing to sustainable living like Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu, Lynne McTaggart, Eckhart Tolle, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  

"As informative and inspiring as it is 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, Trust Your Animal Instincts: Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power is a potentially life-changing, life-enhancing, life-celebrating instructional guide and manual.  If you're struggling to stay positive in this time of Covid, economic distress, and social unrest, you're not alone." 

— Midwest Book Review

"I dub this book + author a THOUGHT LEADER. The author, Tabitha A. Scott, is a master of energy, both in human and electrical energy...I loved reading about her journey into the Costa Rican jungle + the small workbook she included at the end; helping one get started on raising their vibration and surrounding energy fields. I zoomed through this title in two days! —That's fast for me. 

The answers to your prayers were granted, but you didn't take the risk to accept them. Hope is but an aspiration without action.

The story Tabitha shares to go alongside this quote is great for those of us who have trouble receiving help from others, struggling to recognize that it may indeed be divine intervention. 

I highly enjoyed reading about this author's journey into the jungle and the messages Spirit had to offer her. Seeing messages in various forms was fun! Examples: Via Intuition, the Animal Kingdom, etc. She was right, one doesn't have to enter the jungle to reset their inner being; one must cultivate an awareness of the inner terrain, the outer one is a reflection of that. I switched up my outer terrain as the author did, before realizing my inner terrain needed an adjustment and began the work."

--Brittany Lee, Independent Book Critic & Author (Goodreads) 


Voices of Healthcare: Chapter on digital opportunities and financial disincentives by Tabitha A. Scott

What is it about human energy and spirit which Western Medicine ought to adopt to improve care delivery? 

In Western Medicine, we ought to leverage human energy and spirituality as a primary means of ongoing wellness, preventative medicine, and treatment of physical and mental illnesses. Unlike other cultures, we view a person’s energy and spirituality as being separate and unrelated from illness, yet it is actually the source of our health. 

Quantum science proves all living things are made of energy, so understanding the source of our thoughts and physical manifestations is paramount to proper care and diagnoses. Every human cell has a healthy frequency. When it’s out of sync, we feel off-balance, develop disease, or function less than optimally. By not acknowledging energy as the foundation of our health, we miss the opportunity to accelerate healing naturally versus artificially. 

Further, energy is the basis of biochemistry. I like Candace Pert, PhD’s work outlined in Molecules of Emotion. She does a great job of providing scientific evidence to support that emotions are the source of physical manifestations. Think of the simplest examples—you are frightened, then your body produces the rush of adrenaline. Or feeling embarrassed and the physical manifestation of blushing. Western Medicine hasn’t embraced the fact that many disorders result from stress, disconnection, and any number of energetic roots.

Exhausted from trying to please everyone, including herself, Tabitha Scott quit her job, gave away most of her belongings, and lived near a remote jungle in Costa Rica. Teetering between the wilderness there and the jungle back home, clarity and freedom emerged, along with a passion to share her insights with others.  

  • Identify personal insulators, harmful pressures, and negativity leading to burnout 
  • Reconnect to your intuition for direction and renewed purpose 
  • Defend against energetic attacks and maintain positivity 
  • Learn how to reignite your life and tap into unbridled joy and unconditional love 

There’s no need to travel across the world to discover your personal power — just take a journey through this book.

5 Stars: If you have lived your life doing what others wanted and ignoring your own desires, Then this book is for you. Not only will you learn about how beliefs, morals, and interests have run your life. You will also learn how to undo the "shoulds" that others have placed you...As I read I could only agree and remember how others also influenced me to do things that maybe weren't in my interest. I think we all go through this in our lives. The absolutely best thing about Ms Scotts book is there are parts that are workbook oriented and are there for you to begin the healing journey for yourself. It can be done and I found myself remembering in my daily life to stop and think about my actions. Making sure they are mine, not my training. 

—Patrick Carmen, NetGalley Independent Review