Purposeful Transformation: The Future of Work

Positive Change That Drives Sustainable Results 

Every company is transforming, and CEOs agree that the pace of change is accelerating by the minute. Smart leaders also realize that people are transforming, too. There’s no debate that 2020 forever changed the…

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Why This Team Will Fail--But Yours Doesn't Have to!

In 2019, I attended an Executive Innovation & Strategy course at Harvard. During the course, they taught about the importance of understanding where one's company falls along the “S-Curve” or growth curve. It's a quick way to represent where an…

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How Would Centralized Blockchain Put our Economy at Risk?

Would a centralized blockchain undermine the technology’s purpose as a shared public ledger? Yes, and here’s why… 

Blockchain creates the decentralization of data, the opportunity for transparency, and a trustworthy alternative to becoming too “big”. Big banks, big companies, and…

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Endorsements for "Trust Your Animal Instincts"

I’m humbled and grateful for the following early endorsements of Trust Your Animal Instincts, my first full-length book. 

As informative and inspiring as it is 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "Trust Your Animal Instincts: Recharge Your Life & Ignite

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Diversity = Dollars 

Every company wants to improve profitability. The language of the dollar is spoken around the world. There are thousands of studies that prove diversity increases our chance for long term survival and success. Think about it ecologically, the more variation…

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Organization Energy: Beyond Innovation

The required pace of change in today’s organizations demands innovation more than ever before, yet innovation is only one of four sources of organization energy that can accelerate successful change. 

Organizations of all sizes share a common life cycle, comprising…

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3 Sources of New Power From Existing Employees

Untapped energy potential lies in every organization. These three management strategies amplify productivity and engage employees: 

Leverage Innovation Energy

Every employee has a natural predisposition towards either exploration or optimization. Companies can amplify creativity by identifying employees who are natural…

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